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Tribulation Period Survival Guide Book

Tribulation Period Survival Guide: It Will Be Awful, But You Can Survive, Here’s How! For several years I have been researching various survival strategies that could be applied to the events of the tribulation period. Rapture Happened, Left Behind, What's Next! is specifically written and designed around what will happen during this time period and how to prepare for these events in advance. 

You need to get this book into the hands of every lost person you know.  If you have Facebook (or other social media), a website or youtube channel, let your friends and readers know it is available.  This book could literally save their life and save their soul. To read the full book description Click Here.

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Bible Prophecy Experts Believe The Rapture Is Very Near! Here's Why!

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Prophecy Update: The Events That Will Likely Follow the Rapture & Their Order!

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Trumps ME Peace Plan Said To Be Implemented In Two Steps Over Time!

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March 22, 2018

Latest Prophecy News Headlines

Iran said to be building military facilities in Syria near to Russian positions

Iran said to be building military facilities in Syria near to Russian positions

Saudi Arabia opens airspace to Israel for first time...

Trump signs into law bill slashing PA funds over terrorist stipends

Beijing fury after US sails near to disputed South Sea isles...

America and Turkey Need to Step Back From the Brink

ISIS gunman in France kills three, injures dozen...

Out-of-control space station will crash into Earth over Easter weekend...

USA charges 9 Iranians in massive scheme...

German, French foreign ministers set to visit Israel for talks on Iran nuke deal

March 23, 2018

Hamas seeking alliance with Iran, Hezbollah to foil Trump peace plan – report

Move slashing Palestinian funding hitches ride on massive US spending bill

Palestinian rejection said to delay US peace plan announcement indefinitely

As Israel fetes 2007 strike on Syria nuclear reactor, is Assad building another?

The US liquidates its two main Mid East air bases at Incirlik and Al-Udeid

China responds to Trump tariffs with proposed list of 128 US products to target

Fears for ERUPTION as gigantic 'fountain of magma' plume discovered underneath Yellowstone supervolcano

Hamas says Hamdallah bomber, 2 of its men killed in shootout


March 22, 2018

Jared Kushner's Dreams of Mideast Peace Are Alive

Iran main focus in meeting between Trump, Saudi Crown Prince

Saudi Crown Prince discusses Mideast peace process with Kushner

Saudi Prince’s White House Visit Reinforces Trump’s Commitment to Heir Apparent

Ending a decade of silence, Israel confirms it blew up Assad’s nuclear reactor

Three minutes over Syria: How Israel destroyed Assad’s nuclear reactor

March 24, 2018

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