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Tribulation Period Survival Guide Book

Tribulation Period Survival Guide: It Will Be Awful, But You Can Survive, Here’s How! For several years I have been researching various survival strategies that could be applied to the events of the tribulation period. Rapture Happened, Left Behind, What's Next! is specifically written and designed around what will happen during this time period and how to prepare for these events in advance. 

You need to get this book into the hands of every lost person you know.  If you have Facebook (or other social media), a website or youtube channel, let your friends and readers know it is available.  This book could literally save their life and save their soul. To read the full book description Click Here.

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Guía para la Supervivencia durante el Periodo de la Tribulación

灾 难时期的 生存指南

Bible Prophecy Experts Believe The Rapture Is Very Near! Here's Why!

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Prophecy Update: The Events That Will Likely Follow the Rapture & Their Order!

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Report: Russia's Oil Fields Are In Decline; Will They Attack Israel Over New Oil Discoveries?

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Israel Rejects French Peace Plan; Is French, German, US PA Recognition Next?

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Last Updated May 02, 2016

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Israel-Palestinian tensions return to boiling point

Israel-Palestinian tensions return to boiling point

Israel confirms upgraded NATO ties as Turkey said to end veto

Carter sends message to Moscow: US ready to 'defend our allies'

Hamas warns Israel amid Gaza border tensions: Don’t test our patience

Trump: Israel should keep building West Bank settlements

U.S., Russia agree to extend truce to Aleppo

Iranian commander threatens to close Strait of Hormuz to US

Exclusive: U.S. Weighs More Troops, Hi-Tech Weapons in Europe to Counter Russia

U.S. oil industry bankruptcy wave nears size of telecom bust


May 04, 2016

Dead could be brought 'back to life'...

Pentagon on alert after names of American generals appear on ISIS 'hit-list'

Defense Sec’y Carter says Russia is ‘nuclear saber-rattling’

US Navy SEAL killed by ISIS militants in northern Iraq

Jordan's FM discusses Israel-PA peace talks with Kerry

Iran's supreme leader warns US to stay out of Persian Gulf

US defense chief: NATO ponders ground force in Baltics

Israeli troops kill Palestinian driver who rammed soldiers in West Bank

Move over, wearables. Swallowable computing has arrived...

White House poised to create first monument to gay rights...

May 03, 2016

Israel, Egypt and Hamas Form Anti-ISIS Alliance

Iran Supreme Leader Warns USA: Flee Persian Gulf...

Khamenei: US is main enemy, 'Zionist regime' a close second

Syria conflict 'out of control' warns Kerry amid push to save truce

Khamenei calls to 'defend Palestine' against 'Zionists'

Oil deposit discovered near Dead Sea

Israeli oil reserve worth NIS 1.2 billion

Iran to Build Seven New Nuke Plants by 2020

NATO weighs four battalions in Eastern states to deter Russia: U.S.

Israel to reopen second crossing for trucks into Gaza

Last Updated May 5, 2016

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